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Why you should evaluate your English Grammar?

Good grammar is essential for taking the IELTS exam. Grammar is not tested directly in this exam, so you might be surprised to hear this. But it is true: Proper English grammar is very important for getting a high IELTS score! Even though there is no part of the IELTS that focuses only on grammar, you will need to study grammar to get on the path to exam success.

Grammar helps you make progress in all the four skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking. You’ll be able to feel your progress in speaking and writing mainly, because this is where you will actively use grammar structures to express your ideas. However, knowing grammar will also help you understand language, both in reading and in listening, because you’ll become more familiar with grammar structures and will understand what others want to say right away.

The best way to improve your grammar is to identify your weak areas and study those parts. This short test will examine all the components of English grammar that play a crucial role in IELTS test.

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