Essential Vocabulary to Crack IELTS Speaking – FREE

Essential Vocabulary to Crack IELTS Speaking – FREE


You might sometimes wonder “Why is it important to develop Vocabulary for IELTS Test?”

Well, since IELTS is an English Language Proficiency Test, a great emphasis is put on vocabulary to evaluate the overall score of a candidate.

IELTS Test comprises of four sections – Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. The only thing that all these sections have in common is “Vocabulary”. When it comes to Speaking & Writing sections, Vocabulary is definitely one of the must-have skills. It contributes up to 25% in your total score. It even plays a key role in Listening & Reading sections.

The BEST-way to improve your vocabulary is by using the new words in real examples. So, we have compiled a comprehensive list of words and phrases together with their usage in real IELTS Speaking Questions. If you complete this course, we are sure that you will see significant improvement in your Band Score.

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