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​Below is the list of commonly used words for Work. Meaning has been given for each word together with an exemplary usage in a sentence. After you finish going through this list, there is a real IELTS Question to test your vocabulary. A model answer has also been provided for your reference. If you want to skip the vocabulary part and go to the IELTS Speaking Practice Question right away, then click on the button below.

to be called for an interview: to be invited to attend an interview

to be your own boss: to have your own business

a dead-end job: a job with no promotional opportunities

to do a job-share: to share the weekly hours of work with another person

a good team player: somebody who can work well with other people

full-time: the number of hours that people usually work in a complete week

a heavy workload: to have a lot of work to do

a high-powered job: an important or powerful job

holiday entitlement: the number of days holiday allowed

job satisfaction: the feeling of enjoying a job

manual work: work that requires physical activity

maternity leave: time off work given to a woman about to have a baby

to meet a deadline: to finish a job by an agreed time

a nine-to-five job: a normal job that consists of an 8 hour day (approximately)

one of the perks of the job: an extra benefit you get from a job

part-time: working less than full-time

to run your own business: see ‘to be your own boss’

to be self-employed: see ‘to be your own boss’

sick leave: time allowed off work when sick

to be stuck behind a desk: to be unhappy in an office job

to be/get stuck in a rut: to be in a boring job that is hard to leave

to take early retirement: to retire early (retire: to reach an age when you are allowed to stop working for a living)

temporary work: work done for a limited time only

voluntary work: to work without pay

to be well paid: to earn a good salary

working conditions: the hours, salary and other entitlements that comes with the job

to work with your hands: to do manual work

IELTS Speaking Sample 1 - Work

Now, try to use these new words you just learnt to answer the following real IELTS Speaking Question. Read the question and speak your answer. You may also record your answer using a mobile phone or any other device. Then compare your answer with the model answers given after each question.

Part 1

I do a job-share with a friend in a boutique … I enjoy it … I like working with customers … unfortunately it’s only temporary work but one of the perks of the job is I get a discount on the clothes …

Yes … I’d like to be my own boss one day … I’m interested in programming and I’d like to create apps for myself or for other companies … I know being self employed would be a challenge but the idea of doing a nine-to-five job doesn’t appeal to me at all …

Part 2

Describe your ideal job. You should say:

  • what this job is
  • whether you would need any qualifications
  • whether it would be easy to find work
  • and say why you would enjoy this job in particular.

I’ve always loved watching wildlife programmes on TV and often thought how much I’d enjoy working with animals … perhaps in a safari park … something like that … you’d probably need a degree to have any chance of being called for an interview and whether there are many full-time jobs I don’t know … I’m sure a lot of parks rely on voluntary work so it might not be easy … and it probably wouldn’t be well-paid either but money isn’t everything … I’d get so much job satisfaction … I can’t imagine it being the kind of job where you get stuck in a rut … and I think I’d be good at it as well … I’d love to work with animals I enjoy manual work and I’m a good team player … so even though the working conditions might not be the best I think that would be my ideal job … 

Part 3

Things are so different these days … a few years ago older employees would often take early retirement or go onto part-time contracts and there were always opportunities for younger people but now jobs are so scarce … I think younger people need to be given the chance whenever possible …

Well… you’d need to know about your area of responsibility … and your salary of course and then there are things like holiday entitlement … maternity or paternity leave … if you’re thinking of having children … and what the situation is regarding sick leave … that kind of thing …

Well … unfortunately being an employee at the moment is very stressful … people have very heavy workloads … they’re always under pressure to meet deadlines … running your own business isn’t easy … but I do think it would be far more satisfying

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