IELTS Speaking Correction Program (Ac & Gen) – Vol.1

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 2,128.92 (exclusive of GST)

Evaluation service for IELTS Speaking (Academic & General) – Vol.1

You pay only $6 for a detailed assessment of each answer. There will be 5 tests and for each test, a detailed evaluation report and tips for improving your answer will be provided to you. For each test you will get:

  • Accurate scores for ALL marking criteria – Fluency and Cohesion, Pronunciation, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy
  • Total band score for each speaking test
  • 3 page detailed feedback on each speaking test
  • Areas which requires highest level improvement
  • Tips for improving your answers

1 review for IELTS Speaking Correction Program (Ac & Gen) – Vol.1

  1. Sanjay Pandey

    Speech is a very important area in IELTS. If one knows to read and write a language, it doesn’t automatically follow that one can also speak it the way it should be. It’s a very effective course.

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