IELTS Reading - Academic and General

IELTS Reading – Academic and General

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$24 or INR 1,703 for the complete IELTS Reading Course and 4 Reading Tests (with Solution). You can take some sample lessons (having a blue unlock symbol in front of them) of this course. If you like them, pay the course fee to unlock the complete course. 

What you Get?

This course has been priced low to ensure everyone (including students from financially weaker backgrounds) can learn listening skills for IELTS and fulfil their dream of studying and living abroad. This course has been compiled from best books of IELTS preparation including, IELTS Cambridge 1-14, IELTS Cambridge official Guide, Collins Listening for IELTS, IELTS by Barrons and other online sources. We have taken the best of all the sources, added our own proprietary IELTS training material and complied everything in a coherent and comprehensive manner.

Check out the ‘Course Content’ to see the contents of this course. But briefly you will get:

  • 20 Lessons covering all the essential IELTS Reading skills. We have covered skills as fundamental as skimming, scanning, fast reading, to very advanced skills like recognising paraphrasing and annotation.
  • Each lesson is followed by Quizzes to practice the lessons by actually doing questions.
  • Tips and Tricks to answer all different types of questions.
  • 12 Practice Questions with Solutions – there are 12 questions of all different types that are asked in IELTS exam like Matching Headings, Matching Information, Matching Features, True/ False/ Not Given, Diagram Completion, Table/Form/ Notes/ Flow Chart completion, Summary Completion, Sentence Completion, MCQs and so on.
  • 4 complete latest IELTS Reading Tests with Solutions.

Why Should You Join This Course?

IELTS Reading Test can be very scoring if you practice using the right material. Internet is overloaded with free preparation material and students often get lost. Moreover, while researching the online IELTS reading material, our team found many mistakes in the answers, passages and even questions. With this course you can overcome these two major problems. The course has the latest content and is free of errors. The course is arranged in a way that will boost your learning process.

We have noticed that practicing listening from books is not easy. Once you complete the test you have to flip many pages to look for the right answer. This take away a lot of precious time. In this course, once you submit your answers, the correct answers will be shown right next to the blank where you had filled in your answer. Also, our system checks for any spelling mistakes that you may have committed while typing in your answer. See the example image below.

Course Content

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