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Interesting Advertisement

Describe an interesting advertisement.
You should say:

  • Where you saw it
  • What it’s about
  • Why you think it was an interesting advertisement

Model Answer

So I’m going to talk about an advertisement for Blue Electronics, which is one of the biggest electronic brands in Vietnam. I’ve seen its advertisements everywhere, on TV commercials and even on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram.

The advertisement shows a video of people dressed as blue household appliances, smiling and staring creepily at the screen and dancing spontaneously to a really annoying yet catchy tune.

I think the aim of this ad is to create a big impression on the audience and to make the products seem more appealing to them. I also think they are trying to traumatize the audience so that whenever they hear that tune, they will think of Blue Electronics.

I think the advert is interesting because the company is deliberately trying to influence and attract people’s attention, and they do this by trying to present the household appliances as something special, and kind of like a useful friend for everyone I guess.

I think older people will probably not enjoy these kinds of advertisements because older people usually prefer more informative, serious kind of ads, whereas the younger generation seems to be more crazy about this kind of advertisement, as I think they seem to be more open and able to perceive more innovative and hilarious ideas.

Vocabulary Highlights

  • household appliances – an electrical device or machine used at home eg. refrigerator, rice cooker
  • creepily – done in a strange or scary way
  • spontaneously – happening naturally or unplanned
  • catchy – sounding nice and easy to remember
  • appealing – interesting and attractive
  • traumatize – to shock or to affect someone’s mind for a long time
  • deliberately – to do on purpose, or planned
  • perceive – the way that something is thought about or noticed
  • innovative – a new and different way or idea
  • hilarious – very funny
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