Should I get IELTS Writing Correction Service?

Write, Evaluate, Learn, Repeat


By Sonu Gupta

Should I get IELTS Writing Correction Service?

It has been frequently observed that students aiming to achieve a high band score in the IELTS test struggle most in the writing section. A significant number of test-takers are not even aware of the mistakes they commit in their writing tasks. Students read tips and tricks on various online sources or rely on some websites for model answers and then they write as many essays as possible. This way they think that they will reach their goal and get a high score. Here, I would like to say that one should not rely on model answers available on the internet as they are often badly-written and are full of errors. While it is right to practice by writing on official IELTS topics available on the internet, it is wrong to self-assess your answers. Many students commit mistakes in word choice, structuring their ideas, grammar, and punctuation. You must understand that IELTS writing is different from the essays you wrote at school. It requires a logical organisation of the ideas into paragraphs, good introductions and conclusions, a clear expression of position throughout the essay, clear topic sentences, proper referencing, correct usage of transition signals, and use of different sentence structures. Therefore, to improve your writing score, you should find someone who can evaluate your writing tasks professionally and provide you feedback for improvement. If you have friends (especially native English speakers) who are excellent in writing English, you may consider getting preliminary feedback on your essays from them. But later, you should find a professional IELTS trainer to evaluate your essays.  

Regular feedback is the key to success in the IELTS writing section. However, it can be hard to find professionals who can give you good feedback. And if you find one, their services can be expensive (like $20 per essay) that can make it impossible for you to afford them. Keeping this in mind, we have created an affordable but comprehensive Writing Correction Service. Students can submit their Task-1 and Task-2 answers online, either on our portal or by email, and quickly get professional feedback by experienced IELTS trainers. This service can be beneficial for you if you are studying on your own or if you have repeatedly scored low in the writing section. Writing tasks are checked by highly trained professionals who have detailed knowledge of all the marking criteria and guidelines issued by Cambridge University. For every essay, you will receive a detailed report which includes, identification of areas for improvement, inline error correction, suggestions for writing, and band score. In addition to the overall band score for each writing task, you will also get band scores for each marking criteria – task achievement/ response, coherence and cohesion, lexical resources, and grammatical range and accuracy. The examiner will also provide various tips and techniques on how students can improve further their IELTS writing and get a better score in the writing tasks. It will help you to clear the IELTS exam and achieve your dreams of immigrating to another country for studying or living.

Benefits of IELTS Writing Correction Services

  1. Helps to identify your weaknesses in IELTS writing
  2. Helps in building confidence and prepares for actual IELTS exam
  3. Understanding each marking criteria in detail
  4. Identification of different types of errors you commit
  5. Detailed explanations of errors with suggestions for improvement
  6. A detailed report for each task
  7. IELTS band score for each marking criteria
  8. Band progression with each essay
  9. Personalised for every test taker
  10. Detailed IELTS band report by experienced IELTS trainers
How to improve IELTS Writing Score

Write more in English: Try keeping a diary or journal in English. Any practice can help you. Write more, and you will discover more common grammar mistakes you make.

Subscribe IELTS Writing Correction Service: Practicing without feedback will not result in much improvement. The best way is to buy a writing correction service for IELTS, so that you get detailed feedback on your answers and mistakes. This was you can improve much faster. See our affordable writing correction service for academic and general IELTS. 

Practice Makes Perfect
Practicing your writing as much as possible will help, but unless you review your work or get a teacher to check it, then you are basically going to make the same mistakes over and over again. What to do? Write – read – correct- write – read – correct. Once you have finished writing a paragraph, go back and read it again before writing more.

Courses to improve your IELTS Writing Score

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