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How to navigate this course?

On the left hand side there is a navigation menu. You should use this menu to move from one lesson to another and from one quiz to another.

After each lesson there are quizzes, so please complete the quizzes before moving on to the next question. You can click on the name of the quiz either in the navigation menu or in the ‘Lesson Content’ box that will be shown at the end of each lesson.

Once you fill in your answers, submit the Quiz by clicking ‘Finish Quiz‘ button. Upon submission, you will be shown the number of correct answers. On that page, you can take the following actions:

1. Check the correct answers and explanation by clicking ‘View Questions‘ button.
2. You can restart the quiz by clicking ‘Restart Quiz‘ button.
3. You can move on to the next lesson by clicking ‘Click Here to Continue‘. Please note that this function will only be displayed if you all your answers correct. Even if you get a few incorrect and you do not want to restart the quiz, just use the left navigation menu to move to the next lesson or quiz.

Note:- After completing each lesson and its associated Quiz, please click on the ‘Mark Complete’. If you do this your progress will be saved and shown in the progress bar.

To start the complete IELTS Listening Tests, you must have completed all the lessons. So, do not forget to click ‘Mark Complete;’ whenever you finish a lesson.

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