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Listening for Numbers

Many of the questions on the IELTS Listening Module ask you to remember, identify, and/or write numbers that you hear. This is an easy skill to practice, but difficult to master. An example question from an IELTS test is given below:

You will hear: Flight 33 leaves from Gate 13 Concourse C3.
You will see: What is the flight number?   33      

Practice – Many numbers sound alike. Here are a few easily confused numbers. Say them out loud.

3           13           30           334           14           40           446           16           60           66

TIP: Try to use the context to make a guess about what you are hearing. When you look over the questions to make assumptions about the topic, pay attention to those ques­tions that ask for specific numbers. Listen carefully for those numbers.

Now, complete the Quizzes given in the ‘Lesson Content’ box below. This will allow you to practice what you have just learnt!

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