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Understanding Context

IELTS Listening is all about testing your ability to comprehend information from monologues and conversations. The instructions and questions will tell you what type of information you need to listen for and the type of answer you need to give.

To test your comprehension ability, the questions will often use paraphrasing so that you do not see the exact same words in the questions as you hear in the recording.  To answers the questions correctly, it is important to develop your ability to multitask. You must be able to read the questions, listen the recording, spot the correct answer and write it down on the question paper.  

In every recording of the listening test, you will hear a short introduction to tell who the people are, what they are talking about and why. This will help you to understand the topic and the context of the conversation. Please note that this information is not written on the question paper. After the introduction and before playing the actual conversation, you will be given short time to go through the questions. You must use this time to read the questions carefully and try to predict what speakers will speak about.

Now click on the ‘Quiz – Understanding Context in the ‘Lesson Content’ box below. Complete the Quiz to practice what you have just learnt. At the end of the quiz correct answers will be revealed with explanation.

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