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How do I answer the questions?

The instructions and the questions will tell you what type of information you need to listen for, and the type of answer you need to give. Listen carefully to any instructions you hear on the recording. Follow the instructions on the question paper carefully. In this course, you will be able to practice all different types of questions.

Task TypeWhat you have to do?
notes/ summary/ table/
flow-chart completion
Complete notes/ a summary/ table/ flow-chart with a suitable
word or words within the given word limit.
multiple choiceChoose one answer from alternatives A-C.
Choose two answers from alternatives A-E.
short-answer questionsAnswer questions in the word limit given.
sentence completionComplete a sentence with a suitable word or words within the
given word limit.
labelling a diagram, plan or
Label a diagram/ plan or map with a suitable word (or words)
or by choosing from a box of possible answers.
classificationClassify the information given in the question according
to three different criteria (A, B or C). These may be dates,
names, types, etc.
matchingMatch a list of statements to a list of possible answers in a
box (e.g. people, theories or dates).
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